Services We Offer

Mendez Consulting offers a full range of political consulting services including all aspects of strategic policy, political action and dynamic communications.

UntitledStrategic Planning

Our firm has earned a high level of trust from our clients for providing thoughtful strategic advice in the political process. We draw on our experience and knowledge to help clients develop strategic approaches to all aspects of legislative work, including:

  • Legislative positions and priorities
  • Identifying champions
  • Assessing political feasibility
  • Developing strategic relationships with elected officials and staff
  • Building visibility with legislators and in the community
  • Utilizing resources
  • Developing ambitious but attainable goals

Lobbying Services

Once we have developed strategic plans to further your policy agenda, Mendez Consulting’s dedicated and experienced staff will do the work of keeping eyes and ears on the issues most critical to your organization. This work includes:

  • Developing coalitions
  • Securing appropriate committee referrals
  • Coordinating testimony
  • Counting votes
  • Lobbying legislators directly on priority bills
  • Engaging Joint Budget Committee when necessary
  • Engage your membership in grassroots activities
  • Assist in coordinating legislative lobby days

Reporting and Communication

At Mendez Consulting, we are committed to maintaining open communication with your organization regarding the important issues you are facing. As a client, we would provide you with the tools and information that you need to make strategic decisions regarding your public policy work. From us you can expect:

  • Access to real-time updates and information about your legislative priorities, including calendar information
  • Access to bills
  • Copies of documents regarding your organization’s needs
  • Staff to attend relevant meetings
  • Updates from Joint Budget Committee and other relevant committees
  • Response to inquiries within 24 hours or sooner
  • Information delivery in the method that works best for you, from email to conference calls to in-person meetings

Supplemental Services

Mendez Consulting also offers non-lobbying services to enhance your public policy work and for use in building your organization. Some of the additional services we offer are:

  • Campaign Management
  • Grassroots Organizing
  • Fundraising
  • Event Planning
  • Communications
  • Organizational Development