What We Do

Mendez Consulting, Inc. is a political consulting firm with over 35 years combined experience in strategic policy, political action, and dynamic communications. Our focus is government relations, and public policy development on the local, state, and national levels. Offering a spectrum of professional lobbying and campaign consulting services, our expertise includes health care, education, housing, information technology, business procurement, criminal justice, civil rights, state budgeting, and environmental issues.

We specialize in building key relationships and working in tandem with executive and legislative branches of Colorado’s state and local governments. Our experience in every aspect of the political process enables us to successfully influence decision-makers, and create positive public policy on our clients’ behalf.

Img_0524Mendez Consulting offers a full range of political services including lobbying, legislative strategy, political action, budget analysis, research, message development, networking’ and media relations. Skilled at lobbying the Colorado General Assembly, the Joint Budget Committee, and state agencies; we effectively influence statutory, regulatory, and budgetary domains. Experienced managing statewide campaigns, we artfully shape public opinion, garner legislative support, and successfully change the tenor of debate.

What We Believe

We are committed to our clients’ agenda and success. Through our dedication to high quality service, we promote our clients’ political power enhancement in achieving their public policy objectives. Mendez Consulting approaches every issue with careful analysis, strategic planning, and artful negotiation. Our firm is widely respected for knowing our clients’ issues while representing their interests with integrity and tenacity.

We meet our clients’ expectations while maintaining the utmost reliability – which is why we have retained our clients for many years. We pride ourselves in providing detailed information that helps decision-makers make wise choices. We walk the walk, and are persistent in our pursuits. Honesty, integrity, and tenacity are the philosophies we apply to every element of communication.