Who We Are

How We Began
The firm was established over 25 years ago as Mountain Legislative Consulting Services. Upon the recent selection of Pat Steadman to represent Senate District 31, the firm has reorganized as Mendez Consulting, Inc. Although our firm has undergone change, our reputation, experience, and accomplishments have been solidified. As a result, the firm is well positioned among leadership, legislators, and colleagues.

Through our skill and expertise, we have successfully influenced legislative policy, statewide issues, and national discussions. Our diverse client base provides us with a breadth of experience that benefits all of our clients.

Fofi Mendez Anne Barkis Jon Labadie Danny McCarthy

How We Move Forward
Mendez Consulting maintains a constant presence at the State Capitol during the legislative sessions. We observe committee hearings, floor debates, and interact with

legislators and legislative staff. Legislative strategy is developed in close consultation with clients and their coalition partners.

Our work includes monitoring legislation from introduction to final action. We closely monitor the Joint Budget Committee, and communicate potential changes that may impact our clients. When introducing proactive legislation, we recruit bill sponsors, secure appropriate committee referrals, and assist in developing interest group involvement. We count votes, lobby priority bills, and encourage the Governor’s support.

We approach our responsibilities as a team. Each client is assigned a lead lobbyist as their primary contact. Mendez Consulting employs three full time lobbyists and an experienced office manager. Although the lead lobbyist is the person directly responsible, all members of the firm are abreast of each client’s agenda.

This team approach enables us to dedicate additional staff resources to issues as needed. We are unrelenting in our efforts to count votes and create every advantage for our clients’ success.